Breast MRI on 1.5T MAGNETOM Sola

Sindre Øverstad (Department of Radiology, Radiumhospitalet, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway)

Creating an MRI-protocol always involves a compromise between image resolution, image contrast, SNR, and scan time. MAGNETOM Sola unlashes advanced acceleration- and imaging techniques at 1.5T that can be combined to shorten scan time and improve the image quality. Using the combination of the 18-channel Breast coil and the 18-channel Body coil, we have developed a multiparametric breast MRI protocol requiring approximately 15 minutes scan time. 

Sindre Øverstad, BSc, RT(R) (MR) (CT)

Sindre Øverstad, BSc, RT(R) (MR) (CT)
Radiographer Oslo universitetssykehus HF
Ullernchausseen 70
0379 Oslo Norway
Tel. +47 93659267