MRI Patient Education Toolkit


Educate your patients on their upcoming MRI exam to reduce anxiety and improve the in-bore experience. Our MRI patient education toolkit includes several materials to help you prepare your patients for their scan.

Download this video in your preferred language and play it on a monitor in your waiting area. After a few minutes of watching, your patients will know what to expect during their MRI exam. 

Calm your patients for their MRI exam with our guided meditation. The meditation can be listened to before or during the scan.

Patient Education Poster

The poster explains what a patient can expect during their MRI exam. You can print this poster locally or you may order hard copies here.

MRI for Children

Lottie is an adventurous little lamb that loves to skateboard. But poor Lottie had an accident and may have broken her ankle. Now instead of leaping, she can only limp. Lottie is off to the hospital for an MRI scan. This engaging story explains to children what it’s like to have an MRI scan in a way they can understand. Order your hard copies of the book here.