Meet Siemens Healthineers

Siemens Healthineers: Our brand name embodies the pioneering spirit and engineering expertise that is unique in the healthcare industry. The people working for Siemens Healthineers are totally committed to the company they work for, and are passionate about their technology. In this section we introduce you to colleagues from all over the world – people who put their hearts into what they do.

Meet Cheng Shi teaser image

Cheng Shi, Application development at 0.55T, Shenzen, China

Meet Haitham Mohamed
Haitham Mohamed, Business Development Manager, Erlangen, Germany
Meet Melanie Habatsch Teaser image

Melanie Habatsch, MR Marketing Application Center (MAC), Erlangen, Germany

Meet Sylvain Doussin Teaser image

Sylvain Doussin, Ph.D., Application Developer, Erlangen Germany

Olga Dreger

Olga Dreger, MR Customer Education, Erlangen, Germany

Michelle Steinkrug

Michelle Steinkrug, MR Customer Education, Erlangen, Germany

Zhand Le

Zhang Le, Ph.D., Protocol Developer, Shenzen, China

Aurelien Monnet

Aurelien Monnet, MR Application Specialist, Erlangen, Germany

Nuria Escobar Corral

Nuria Escobar Corral, Clinical and Scientific Specialist in Imaging for Radiotherapy, Forchheim, Germany

Corell Fields

Cordell Fields, Regulatory Affairs Professional, Malvern, PA, USA

Dagmar Hering

Dagmar Hering, Head of Solution Verification and Validation covering system testing, Erlangen, Germany

Kelvin Chow

Kelvin Chow, Senior Scientist, MR R&D Collaborations, Chicago, USA

Rebecca Ramb

Rebecca Ramb, Global Head of MR Collaboration Management, Erlangen, Germany

Emily Lucchese

Emily Lucchese, MRI applications specialist, Melbourne, Australia

Stuart Calder

Stuart Calder, MRI applications specialist, Melbourne, Australia

Michaela Schmidt

Michaela Schmidt, Application Developer for Cardiovascular Imaging, Erlangen, Germany

Carmel Hayes

Carmel Hayes, Application Developer for Cardiovascular Imaging, Erlangen, Germany

Mohd Yusof

Mohd Yushafizal Mohd Yusof, MRI Application Service Engineer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Vo Hoang Tri

Vo Hoang Tri, Product Specialist, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Meet Siemens Healthineers - Hannah Hale

Hannah Hale, Magnet Engineer R&D, Oxford, UK

Meet Siemens Healthineer - Kieran OBrien

Kieran O'Brien, Senior Scientist, Bowen Hills, Australia

Siemens - MRI - Meet Siemens Healthineers - Bart Schraa - Charge MR Technologist - Oakville Canada

Bart Schraa, Team Lead MR Applications, Oakville, Canada

Meet Siemens Healthineers - Miguel Contreras

Miguel Contreras, Customer Service Engineer, Santiago, Chile

Meet Siemens Healthineers - Andrew Dewdney

Andrew Dewdney, Ph.D., R&D Magnet Development, Erlangen, Germany

Meet the Healthineers - Lars Filipsson

Lars Filipsson, Business Manager MR, Stockholm, Sweden

Meet the Healthineers - Christian Geppert

Christian Geppert, Ph.D., MR Cardiovascular Predevelopment, Erlangen, Germany

Meet the Healthineers - Craig Haker

Craig Haker, Technical Service Representative, Saskatoon, Canada

Meet the Healthineers - Christianne Leidecker

Christianne Leidecker, Ph.D., US Cardiac Collaboration Team, Chicago, IL, USA

Meet the Healthineers - Edgar Müller

Edgar Müller, MR Technology and Innovation Management, Erlangen, Germany

Meet the Healthineers - Benjamin Schmitt

Benjamin Schmitt, Ph.D., Collaborations & Research, Sydney, Australia

Meet the Healthineers - Aurélien Stalder

Aurélien Stalder, Ph.D., MR Collaboration Team, Shanghai, China

Meet the Healthineers - Martin Vitzthum

Martin Vitzthum, Customer Use Test Team, Erlangen Germany