MRI in Screening and Characterizing Breast CancerLearn more from world leading experts

Prof. Elizabeth Morris; Prof. Christiane Kuhl|2020-03-09

To reduce mortality in women with breast cancer it is required to
1. detect cancer at an earlier stage and to
2. choose the most suitable treatment option for the individual patient in a data-driven approach.

Abbreviated Breast MRI not only provides a tool for cost-efficient and early detection of breast cancer in women with dense breast tissue. Breast MRI also develops into a highly valuable and non-invasive tool to differentiate between subtypes due to the differences in imaging phenotypes between breast cancer subtypes.

Assessing Breast Cancer Phenotypes with MRI Biomarkers in Clinical Practice

Prof. Elizabeth Morris, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA

Prof. Christiane Kuhl, University of Aachen, Germany