Free-Breathing CMR Solutions

Innovations such as motion correction algorithms and real-time imaging make free-breathing exams feasible and effective, enabling more patient populations to benefit from cardiac MRI.

What is more, eliminating the need for multiple breath-holds can shorten the overall duration of the MRI exam, making it more efficient for both patients and healthcare providers.


Compressed Sensing

Takakado Case Study

Clinical Value of Free-Breathing Cardiac Cine MRI with Compressed Sensing Real-Time Imaging and Retrospective Motion Correction

Masahiro Takakado, M.D.; et al.
(Department of Radiology, Ehime Prefectural Central Hospital, Ehime, Japan)

Wüst Talk

Complete, free-breathing CMR examination with Compressed Sensing and inline motion correction

Wolfgang Wüst, M.D.
(University Hospital Erlangen, Germany)

PSIR HeartFreeze

Lawton Teaser Image

Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance. Late Gadolinium Enhancement Imaging: A Technologist’s Guide

Benny Lawton
(St Joseph’s Hospital, Malpas, Newport, Wales, UK)