AMRA Body Composition ProtocolQuantify Fat and Muscle Volumes at 3T

The AMRA Body Composition Protocol enables efficient and robust acquisition of whole-body (neck to knee) Dixon VIBE-based Fat and Water images at 3T in 6 minutes acquisition time.

The acquired data is suitable for processing with the commercially available service AMRA® Profiler, which automatically labels fat and muscle regions and quantifies fat and muscle volumes.

Body composition measurements, such as adipose tissue compartments, muscle volumes, and muscle tissue composition are increasingly important in research and clinical context. Up until recently many MR-protocols in combination with analysis methods for segmenting muscle and fat compartments in the body were laborious and time-consuming. This has hindered implementation in large cohorts and in clinical applications. With this .edx file we present a rapid and robust MR-protocol for body composition profiling. This MR-protocol enables accurate measurements of visceral adipose tissue, abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue, thigh muscle volumes, as well as other specific biomarkers such as liver and intra-muscular fat content.


Rapid Body Composition Measurements Reveal Detailed Metabolic Changes in Large Scale Population Studies

Mikael F. Forsgren, Ph.D.; Janne West, Ph.D.
AMRA Medical AB, Linköping, Sweden