How to Perform an Ankle MR Examination Without a Dedicated Coil: The Combined Head/Neck-Flex Coil Technique

Luca Bartalini, MSc. (Siena, Italy)

Due to its anatomical structures, the ankle is one of the most complex joints to evaluate from a technical point of view.
The patient positioning for ankle imaging is usually supine, feet-first, with the ankle at the magnetic isocenter.
The coil used might change depending on the hardware configuration and the software release and model. The optimal scenario would be to use a dedicated ankle/foot coil, which would enable the highest image quality in terms of SNR and spatial resolution, as well as a correct angle between the leg and the foot. However, if a dedicated coil is unavailable, or if the size of the anatomy in question exceeds the coil capacity, it could be necessary to use alternative coils. This article proposes and demonstrates a novel method that combines a using a 16-channel Head/Neck Coil and a 4-channel Flex Coil.

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Luca Bartalini, MSc.
Freelance Radiographer
Specialist MRI Consultant