MRI of Pituitary Adenomas

New Protocol for the MR Imaging of Pituitary Adenomas. Multiphase, Dynamic and Volumetric Imaging on MAGNETOM Skyra.

The detection of pituitary microadenomas can be a diagnostic challenge even with MRI. New sequences, such as FREEZEit StarVIBE and CAIPIRINHA VIBE, enable high-resolution, temporal and spatial, 3D dynamic studies. These 3D acquisitions allow multi-planar reformats for better detection of very small (even sub-millimeter) lesions while the high temporal resolution imaging provides better sensitivity to detect pharmacokinetic differences.
We have developed a new MRI examination for pituitary microadenomas on our 3T MAGNETOM Skyra scanner which combines high-resolution volumetric as well as a multiphase, dynamic imaging.


Denis Gardeur, M.D.

Denis Gardeur, M.D.
Centre RMX
80 Avenue F Faure
75015 Paris