MR Fingerprinting Developer Kit

MR Fingerprinting Development Kit

The MR Fingerprinting Development Kit is available for download to all users of MR Fingerprinting. This unique MRF Development Kit empowers you to tailor the research application to your needs.

The MR Fingerprinting Development Kit takes files describing the input parameters T1, T2, RF- flip angles and pulse phases.

This input generates a customized MR Fingerprinting sequence. The input also serves as the basis for a Bloch simulation, which creates a MR Fingerprinting dictionary unique to its input parameters.

In a final step, the new MR Fingerprinting sequence and its unique dictionary are bundled in the so-called MR Fingerprinting container. This container can be transferred and executed on a qualified MAGNETOM 3T scanner from Siemens Healthineers1 with a valid MR Fingerprinting license.

The sequence generation, the Bloch simulation, and the creation of the MR Fingerprinting container are performed by running a Windows command line tool2 provided with the MR Fingerprinting Development Kit.