Patient information


If you want your patients to learn more about the benefits and availability of MAGNETOM Verio 3T at your facility, the offered tools in this section will support you with e.g. Posters or Postcards.

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Make people take notice! Different posters are provided for your practice or office, which will attract your visitors’ attention and keep them interested.
All posters are intended for printing in DIN A2: 420 x 594 mm.

MAGNETOM Verio - Posters

Poster with useful information for your patient about MR.


Today, multimedia is the method of choice to communicate and convince. Use this informative and exciting animated videos in your website, in presentations or on CDs to promote your professional image. The MAGNETOM system and its innovative technology are explained in a fascinating way.

MAGNETOM Verio<br />Trailer

MAGNETOM Verio Trailer

MRI Safety Video

MAGNETOM Verio<br />Trailer

Understanding MRI Video

MAGNETOM Verio<br />Trailer

MR Kids Cartoon Video

MRI is comfortable for everyone, even for kids!